10 hours Sauna Session at SALT

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View the Opera House and the Barcode from one of the worlds largest Sauna

Every Friday and Saturday you can experience a Sauna Session at SALT. We stoke up the fire in one of the world’s largest saunas, and in a century-old barrel formerly used to store 7,000 litres of sherry.

Every Sauna Session has a different programme. It can include authors, poets, musicians, DJs, slam poetry and performance artists and the NORD-POLAR SOUND TRACKS (Biosphere, Jana Winderen and Margrethe Pettersen)

Swimsuits are required. Bring your own towel (towels can also be rented at SALT). Árdna, the largest sauna, seats more than 100 people. It has a pleasant temperature of about 60°C. The sherry barrel holds up to 8 persons and is perfect for those who want a ‘boost’. The temperature inside the barrel is between 80–90 °C. There are two cold baths, one with salt water and the other with fresh water. There are two dressing rooms, one for women (with a mirror) and one for men. In Árdna there’s a fully-licenced bar. We also offer a simple menu.

NOTE: Sauna Session this day starts at 13.00 and ends 23.00.



Swimwear is mandatory in Árdna. Towels can be rented