TedX Salon - Ocean Space

Tedxoslosalon billetter 2

TEDxOsloSalon is a TEDx-format that resembles the TEDxOslo main event in regards to the quality and form, however, it focuses more on the discussion, and has a more narrow focus. Salon takes place on more intimate stages with approx. 100 people in the audience, 3-4 speakers and a total duration of 2 hours.

At the TEDxOsloSalon Ocean Space event, we will meet 4 people that each have their own unique relationship to the ocean. With different angles, we will get an insight to a complex world. There will probably not be a final solution to all the challenges we are facing, but we want to contribute by spreading inspiring stories and ideas about the ocean. By doing so, we might help move the world a little bit in the right direction


Purchased tickets are not refundable. Tickets can be refunded if the event is canceled.